women in jacket

Your Lifestyle

As an actress, I'm constantly being put into clothing chosen for me by a stylist. It's kind of fun because I get to wear clothes I normally wouldn't choose. After trying on multiple jackets for different characters, I've found that jackets really say something about your personality. Even your jacket should say something about you.

Your Shape

Once you find some jackets that fit your personality, look at shape. Just because you're a girly girl who works at an ad agency doesn't mean you should be wearing a tan trench coat to work. If you're really short, it can drown you out. Plus, tan is so not your color.

girl in yellow jacket

Instead, opt for a short, bright-colored peacoat that hits your hips. If you're a tall athletic girl, why not wear a leather jacket over a hoodie that gives you some edge and shape? The right coat can make you look fabulous or frumpy, so choose wisely.